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Tuttle Sightings

Tuttle Sightings is just a fun page of pictures with the name Tuttle in them.  If you have seen the name Tuttle on a sign somewhere in the world, send a copy to Patrick@PatrickTuttle.com with your name/contact info and a description of when and where you took the photo.

Patrick will post the photo on this page and then send you an email with the updated link.

Thank you for checking out Tuttle Sightings!

Patrick took this picture in San Marcos, Texas at, where else, but Tuttle Hardware. Taken 7 February 2013.



Shot of the Tuttle Hardware sign in San Marcos, Texas.


Here’s a picture of Tori and Hannah Tuttle at the corner of Tuttle and Tuttle in Longview, Texas.  Patrick took this picture in June of 2012.


On Friday, 26 April I was walking south on Stevens Street toward one of my favorite restaurants, L & J Cafe http://landjcafe.com/, I looked over the wall at ‘the old grave yard’ and saw a name I recognized, Tuttle. After lunch I walked into the graveyard and took a couple of photos.  these are from the IOOF, International Order of Oddfellows, section of the grave yard.




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